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Since 1999, 


has secured the financing needed to acquire the

business they were targeting.


The logic of the DVSCORE Model was a major contributor to this success!

How is the DVSCORE calculated?

The DVSCORE indicates the financial viability of a proposed business acquisition deal structure. It is calculated based on "The 6 Entries" into the DVSCORE model:

1. Cash Flow

2. Purchase Price of the business

3. Amount of the business purchase price as a Down Payment

4. Interest Rate for financing

5. Number of Months the acquisition debt is financed

6. Compensation to the New Owner

Gather the necessary financial details and make “The 6 Entries”. The DVSCORE is displayed with an instant analysis.

At any point in the business acquisition process, change one or more of “The 6 Entries” and an updated DVSCORE will be immediately calculated and an updated analysis displayed.

Consider shifting to another business acquisition opportunity if by making changes to “The 6 Entries” you can’t foresee producing a DVSCORE which is at least in the moderate deal viability range.

To attempt to “force” a business acquisition deal is unwise and risky. Devote time to find the right business to buy, and buy it the best way – beginning with a DVSCORE which indicates financial viability!