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iStock 000007388681Small"The most important source of knowledge is EXPERIENCE."

-Albert Einstein

Magnus Ledin-Carolinas Office


Magnus’ experience as a business leader bridges over 25 years, possessing broad skills in Finance, Operations and Strategic Management. Included is an understanding of mergers and acquisitions, both on the buy side and the sell side, mainly with companies in the Micro Market. Industry experience ranges across Solar power, Music, Transportation, Healthcare, Retail, Real Estate, Financial Consulting and Restaurants. Magnus has held the roles of CFO, CEO, President, Board Member and Senior Advisor. All experience was gained in companies he has either started or invested in

“I believe that finding a balance between satisfied customers, happy employees and great products at the right price, will most often result in making a healthy profit - the ultimate proof that you are doing right by the world.
Being an entrepreneur is not a job, it is something you are - in CONTROL of your destiny. An entrepreneur must make many decisions. Having someone by your side for those decisions might make the difference between success and failure. When you work with me, I WILL be by your side, offering advice and guidance.”

Magnus has an MBA from the Stockholm School of Economics with a focus on Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
Happily married to Veronica, they live with their three daughters in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

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