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“You will get all you want in life,
if you help enough other people
get what they want.”

Our Clients Say

Geoff Geils

"Ed Knox was worth his weight in gold throughout the entire acquisition process.

His experience, insight, and demeanor, was invaluable as he tied the buyer and seller together as a team to get financing from the bank and the SBA.


His incredibly detailed financial model provided the lenders with all the tools they needed to evaluate the opportunity from every perspective and I can honestly say it was crucial in getting us everything we needed. He was there for me whenever I needed a reality check during the negotiations with the seller, banks, and attorneys.

Post-acquisition, Ed has been in the trenches with us every step of the way to help facilitate a smooth transition. Going forward we know we have a valuable team member to help us navigate what lies ahead."

-Geoff Geils, President, Instant Win Innovations, New Fairfield, Connecticut