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"A man who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn in no other way."

-Mark Twain

John Sabalja

"The business acquisition process developed and implemented at Yarmouth Venture Group is invaluable!

Although I had been involved at the highest level of business management with several companies, I was never able to achieve my lifelong dream - to own my own business.


When Ed and I met, he explained the process in extreme detail.  He held my hand every step of the way.  He also explained that the acquisition process is not completed overnight and there would be a lot of hard work and perseverence throughout the process.  We worked together and, sure enough, things fell neatly into place, slowly but surely, as Ed had predicted.  My dream has now been achieved, many, many, many times over my expectations!

I am living my dream thanks to Ed Knox and Yarmouth Venture Group."

-John Sabalja, President, World Cup Enterprises, Chappaqua, New York