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“You will get all you want in life,
if you help enough other people
get what they want.”

Our Story

Established in 1999 by Edward Knox, Yarmouth Venture Group is an investment and advisory firm focused on guiding talented individuals into business ownership.

We partner with individuals who desire to achieve a majority ownership stake in a business they will acquire and operate. YVG provides the capital structure, contacts, knowledge, experience, counsel and most often the acquisition target.

Our firm is uniquely qualified to provide expertise and guidance throughout the difficult process of finding and acquiring the right business, the best way. Our acquisition targets are profitable businesses producing between $2 million and $25 million in revenues – the Micro Market. 

Our principals have significant experience with Micro Market business transfer transactions and extensive management experience operating companies in the Micro Market.



From the desk of Edward Knox:

I have spent the entire 30 plus years of my business career transacting in the “Micro Market” - the revenue space between “Main Street” and the “Middle Market”.  Although it may be defined differently by others, I generally define the Micro Market as including businesses which produce revenues between $2 Million and $25 Million.

Micro Market businesses tend to be entrepreneurially managed and typically controlled by a sole-proprietor, a family or a partnership of shareholders. Micro Market businesses tend to be too large for the “Main Street” business buyer and too small for the “Middle Market” business buyer. For this reason, a limited number of entities, typically individuals, are interested in acquiring Micro Market businesses.  Our passion is to partner with and support these individuals throughout the demanding, yet rewarding, process of acquiring and operating a business!

Of course we don’t acquire all the businesses we investigate. We might look at one hundred businesses and acquire one.  Many of the owners of the businesses not considered by YVG ask questions about how to sell their business. Some have even asked us to help them sell their business. (YVG does not sell businesses.)  I learned, for most business owners, a business sale is unfamiliar territory.  Where do owners considering an exit learn about business transfer while protecting confidentiality?

An originally unintended consequence of the acquisition process is providing business owners considering an exit with the basics of business transfer so they might be better prepared for the next suitor.  Now, this education is part of our process!  We’ll discuss business transfer with any business owner who wants to listen!
Others within Yarmouth Venture Group have heard this from me many times. Of all I do with Yarmouth Venture Group, my two favorite activities are the initial communication with a prospective business buyer and the initial communication with a business owner considering an exit.  I can’t help but feel Yarmouth Venture Group is relevant in the Micro Market!

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