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 "Normalized Cash Flow: How it SHOULD be calculated."

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"Your outstanding narrative on Normalized Cash Flow should be required reading by all of us who are business brokers, transaction intermediaries, or M&A advisors. Thank you." 

           - J. Cohen, Capital Business Advisors, Rockville MD

"Great article, every business owner should read this!"  

           - L. Hamm, President, Alpha Accounting, Raleigh/Durham NC

"Excellent overview!"  

           - W. Spivak, CFO, Argyle Executive Forum, Pleasantville, NY

"As a business owner it is key for me to understand cash flow. Understanding Normalized Cash Flow is not only important for business transfer, but key to understanding the ebbs and flows of the operations of a business from it's cash flow perspective. Your article helps me see what happens on a day to day basis, income versus cash, and prepares me for what others will be looking for when I am ready to transfer or sell my business. Great article!   

           - J. Sabalja, President, World Cup Enterprises, Chappaqua, NY