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iStock 000007388681Small"The most important source of knowledge is EXPERIENCE."

-Albert Einstein

John Sheridan-Philadelphia Office

John Sheridan

John brings over 30 years of practical business experience to his work, having operating and investing experience in businesses large and small.  Transforming lives through business ownership is what gives purpose to his work.  

A graduate of The Boston College School of Management with a concentration in Finance, he began his career in industrial real estate marketing and sales. His work led to a career in construction and real estate development leading and managing profitable, growing businesses ranging in size from startups to public company businesses with over one hundred million dollars in revenue.   

Since 2006, John has helped successful business owners to grow profits, build great teams and create lasting value in a variety of industries including professional services, software and technology, manufacturing, construction, and distribution.  

As a consultant to companies large and small throughout the United States, he is known for his work on systemization as the approach to business growth, transforming entrepreneurial companies into professionally managed and systematized enterprises that produce predictable results.

John lives in New Jersey and is a Board Member and Past President of The Rotary Club of Trenton, New Jersey.

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