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  • “October 31st will be the 1 year anniversary of the sale to Rich. I think it has gone very well and benefited everyone...the employees, Rich and me. With good decisions, a good economy, and good luck this should continue. I’m willing to speak with anyone you wish about how well our transaction went!   Bill.”

    – Note to Yarmouth Venture Group from Bill Nelson on the 1 year anniversary of the sale of his company, Blackstone Industries, to Rich Milici, a YVG Client.

  • “Hi Alan, I hope all is off to a good start, a new beginning at Nameplates, for you, Renaud and everyone that's part of the Nameplates team. I also wanted to thank you personally for bringing Renaud and I together, for the professionalism and honesty shown throughout the process that resulted in both buyer and seller getting what they wanted. A perfect deal! I wish you both the best of luck, good fortune and success going forward. Sincerely, Don”

    – Note to Alan Rose from Don Rudnick, after the closing of the sale of his company, Nameplates, to Renaud Megard, a YVG Client.

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We Understand Micro Market Business Transfer!

It's all we do. We concentrate our efforts in the Micro Market where businesses are often overlooked by strategic and financial acquirers and underserved by professionals.  We are devoted to and immersed in Micro Market business transfer.

There are several differences between Micro Market business transfers and larger business transfers.

  • Most Micro Market businesses include a small number of shareholders (often only one) where most of their personal net worth is invested in their business.
  • Bankers and investors evaluate the Micro Market differently than they evaluate large market businesses.  Financing is more difficult to obtain.  YVG knows which institutions PREFER to do business with Micro Market business owners and buyers.
  • EBITDA often needs to be "adjusted" for businesses in the Micro Market.
  • Capital Expense projections tend to be more important to business valuations made by financiers and business buyers in the Micro Market.
  • There are fewer qualified (both financially and managerially) business buyers who are interested in the Micro Market.
  • Many Micro Market businesses are in the service sector and consequently list minimal hard assets on their balance sheets which causes financing concerns.  YVG knows how to get "airball" deals completed.
  • The US government's SBA financing program is more often used with Micro Market business transfers.  YVG has relationships with many SBA preferred lenders.
  • Seller financing is more prevalent with Micro Market business transfers.   Because YVG has credibility in the Micro Market sector, often we can convince a financier to require less seller financing.
  • Professional fees paid to support the selling shareholders can be high relative to the purchase price.  Because YVG knows Micro Market business transfers so well, we can control professional fees for both our Client and the selling shareholders.  Too often we speak to selling shareholders who have spent four to six months and thousands of dollars in attorney and accountant fees to learn the prospective buyer was not financially qualified!