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“You will get all you want in life,
if you help enough other people
get what they want.”

Testimonials-Our Story

Rich Milici

“Yarmouth Venture Group has the unique ability to build lasting relationships and the patience and expertise to develop and implement the type of creative deal structures necessary in the business acquisition market today. 

Kevin McLaughlin

"… More impressive than the successful outcome of the project is the fact that you refused to allow the pressures of your business to interfere with the best interests of Flexo Concepts.

Geoff Geils

"Ed Knox was worth his weight in gold throughout the entire acquisition process.

Michael Swartz

"In short, the project has been a success. This will also help me now begin to think in planning for succession since my son Steven, with your help, will now be more involved in the business than in any time in the past thanks to all of the tools you have given us.